SAAL’s main goal is to provide the opportunity for educators that coordinate assessment for divisions of student affairs to discuss issues to improve their work including:

  • sharing different experiences such as current stages of assessment and tools used
  • sharing how folks are documenting student learning and its connection to their academic missions
  • discussing aspects of our office, responsibilities, and projects
  • collaborating with peers across institutions

SAAL Outcomes
As a result of participating in SAAL, members will:
   1. Identify new strategies for engaging units/departments/divisions in assessment
   2. Develop as professionals
   3. Contribute to assessment scholarship
   4. Identify best practices in student affairs assessment
   5. Identify colleagues from whom to get support

Strategies for Achieving Our Outcomes
   1. Annual meetings (not conferences)
   2. Structured phone and online conversations
   3. Members-only listserv
   4. Informal get-togethers at national conferences
   5. Presentations at national conferences
   6. Building assessment scholarship

SAAL Member Expectations
   1. Confidentiality
   2. Honesty
   3. Mutual support
   4. Active participation in discussion, projects, and scholarly activities
   5. Peer mentorship
   6. Respectful communication
   7. Respectful challenge



SAAL Bylaws

If you are interested in the bylaws of SAAL, view a copy here. (updated August 2016)