Assessment Resources

Resource Repository
A Dropbox folder has been established in an effort to collect and share the valuable resources created from members of the SAAL community. The subfolders contain documents in various formats (doc, pdf, xls) related to the specific topic under which the document is filed. In addition, an excel document can be found in each subfolder with website links to additional information that is found only on a website or in video format. 

To access the folder, please use the following link:

Once you are at the Dropbox folder website, you can click on the subfolders and access the documents by downloading them.

If you would like to add your documents to the folder or share a website link, please submit them to the Project Coordinator for the Administration Committee.


SAAL Open Course on SA Assessment
This open course has curriculum guides for the following learning outcomes. Each link below provides self-paced resources that address the seven (7) learning outcomes as written. 

1- Participants will gain an understanding of a culture of assessment.  They would be able to identify good assessment practices and how to close the loop on assessment. (file link)

2- Participants will become aware of their own mental model(s) and demonstrate appropriate and contextually sound applications of assessment, evaluation, and research (AER) designs in a case study scenario. (file link)

3- Participants will practice evaluating and giving feedback on learning outcomes statements, assessment methods, and project design.  (in development)

4- Participants will use existing data sets and a case study of an office problem to demonstrate analysis and consulting techniques for applying data to decisions. (in development)

5- Participants will discuss strategies for creating, promoting, and maintaining a culture of assessment at their institution. (file link)

6- Participants will be able to write their own success criteria for their department/unit (mission, goals, objectives, outcomes). (file link)

7- Participants develop an assessment plan utilizing those steps. (file link)

If you have feedback for this open course please email the Chair of the Open Course or the Professional Development Committee.