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Based on research jointly sponsored by ACPA and NASPA over the past few years, we have concluded that while both professional organizations have ramped up efforts to assist mainstream professionals in their assessment education, there existed no specific group or service within either organization that specifically addressed the needs of staff who work within or have responsibility for assessment for a division of student affairs. Having opportunities to talk about issues such as sharing successful approaches to gearing a division up for assessment, how to organize for accreditation, first year tips for new folks, and political strategies surrounding a change in senior leadership felt too important for us to leave unaddressed.

A new group has been formed to address these needs. The goal of Student Affairs Assessment Leaders (SAAL) is to provide professional development opportunities to educators that coordinate student affairs divisional assessment efforts. Through a variety of venues such as webinars, structured conversations, listservs, and an annual meeting SAAL attempts to address the issues each of us encounters in our daily work.

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Membership Criteria

The following is an excerpt from the SAAL bylaws (also available here):

"Eligible applicants includes those that fit the following criteria:

  • individuals with all or a portion of their FTE dedicated to coordinating or leading student affairs assessment at an accredited educational institution (directors/coordinators of student affairs assessment, etc.);
  • individuals participating in divisional assessment committees or similar teams that coordinate and engage in student affairs assessment;
  • individuals charged with ad hoc assessment responsibilities in student affairs at the divisional level;
  • individuals employed in the non-profit sector in a capacity directly related to assessment in higher education;
  • higher education faculty;
  • graduate students involved in higher education assessment;
  • Student Affairs professionals interested in student affairs assessment; and
  • Student Affairs professionals who used to be in charge of assessment but are currently:
    • unemployed (actively job searching or not),
    • working in a different capacity at an accredited educational institution, such as moving to a faculty or oversight role, or
    • employed in an education-related public/non-profit entity.

Potentially eligible applicants include those that fit the following criteria:  

  • Former student affairs assessment professionals currently employed in the consulting sector directly related to assessment in higher education.

Individuals not eligible for membership include those meeting the following criteria:  

  • Individuals currently employed at commercial, for-profit entities (including former student affairs assessment professionals)."


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