The leadership structure for SAAL is composed of a Board of Directors and Committee Chairs. Elections are held every year, with 2-3 positions elected on a rotation. Committee membership is determined annually during the same time as elections.

Please do not hesitate to be in contact with any of the leadership as we welcome your constant feedback and engagement!


Board of Directors

Pam Shefman (Chair)

Director, Assessment and Planning at University of Houston

Phone: 713-743-5184 -- pshefman@central.uh.edu 

Leslie Meyerhoff (Chair-Elect*)

Director Assessment and Planning, Student and Academic Services at Cornell University

Phone: (607) 255-1412 -- Mls73@cornell.edu

Daniel W. Newhart  (Past Chair)


Director for Student Affairs Research, Evaluation, and Planning at Oregon State University

Phone: 541-737-8738 -- Daniel.newhart@oregonstate.edu 

Cole Taylor (Secretary)

Assistant Director of Assessment and Research - Division of Student Affairs at Duke University

Phone: 919-684-4186 -- cole.taylor@duke.edu

Megan Bell (Secretary-Elect*)

Executive Director Auxiliary Community & Learning Initiatives at University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

Phone: 719-255-5179 -- mbell4@uccs.edu

Aimee Shattuck (Chair, Governance and Administration)

Assistant Dean of Student Life, Student Activities and Leadership at Portland State University 

Phone: 503-725 5649 -- shattuck@pdx.edu

Brian Bourke (Chair, Advancement)

Assistant Professor at Murray State University

Phone: 270-809-3588 -- bbourke@murraystate.edu

Judd Harbin (Chair, External Relations)

Director of Campus Life Assessment at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Phone: 702-895-2973 -- judd.harbin@unlv.edu 

Brandon James Combs (Chair-Elect, External Relations*)

Director of Assessment at University of Central Arkansas

Phone: 501-450-3253 -- bcombs@uca.edu 

Maureen Cochran (Chair, Membership)

Coordinator for Student Affairs Research, Evaluation, & Planning at Oregon State University

Phone: 541-737-4366 -- Maureen.Cochran@oregonstate.edu

Kellie M. Dixon (Chair-Elect, Membership*) 

Assessment Coordinator at North Carolina A&T State University

Phone: 336-285-2727 -- kmdixon@ncat.edu

Whitney Brown  (Chair, Professional Development)

Coordinator of Student Affairs Research, Assessment and Staff Development at University of Alaska Anhorage

Phone: 907-786-6156 -- wabrown3@alaska.edu

Matthew D. Pistilli (Member-at-Large)

Director, Assessment and Research Division of Student Affairs at Iowa State Universtiy 

Phone: (515) 294-5162 -- pistilli@iastate.edu

J. Patrick Biddix (Member-at-Large-Elect*)

Associate Professor at University of Tennessee

Phone: 865-974-6457 -- pbiddix@utk.edu

* indicates newly elected for 2017


Advancement Committee

The Advancement Committee is responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of strategies for SAAL to advance the field of student affairs assessment as a discipline. Strategies for advancing the field may include publishing on various aspects of student affairs assessment or a summit to discuss ways to advance the field. 

External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee is responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of strategies to advance SAAL as an organization which may include membership outreach, marketing, and collaborations and partnerships with other associations (e.g. AALHE, ACPA, AIR, NASPA) or other organizations (e.g., CampusLabs, EBI).

Governance and Administration Committee

The Governance and Administration Committee is responsible for annual review of the constitution and will maintain the by-laws. The Governance and Administration Committee is also responsible the development, implementation, and evaluation and coordination strategies for logistic support of SAAL which may include webpage maintenance, Listserv maintenance, resource repository.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for membership management, including the annual reapplication of membership and board elections processes. Additionally, the Membership Committee is charged with developing and implementing strategies for engaging SAAL members.

Professional Development and Support 

The Professional Development and Support Committee is responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of strategies to provide professional development to SAAL members. Professional development may include activities such as Structured Conversations and Annual Meetings.