Structured Conversations

In an effort to provide professional development opportunities for SAAL members, the Professional Development and Support Committee organizes Structured Conversations. The link to the recordings from previous sessions can be found below.  PowerPoint slides and handouts can also be found in the SAAL Resource Repository in the folder titled "Structured Conversations." Please copy and paste links to your browser if you are not immediately directed to these resources.


Structured ConversationPresenter(s)Additional Resources
What Does Neuroscience Have to Do with Assessing Student Learning and Development? 

Dr. Marilee Bresciani Ludvik at San Diego State University

PowerPoint Slides
Connecting Student Affairs Assessment, Resources, & Trends with SAAL (Campus Labs hosted this structured conversation. To request a free copy of it, simply click on the title of this structured conversation and fill out the request form.)

Dr. Pamelyn Shefman at University of Houston (SAAL Chair)

Dr. Brian Bourke at Murray State University (SAAL Advancement Committee Chair)

Whitney Brown at University of Alaska Anchorage (SAAL Professional Development Committee Chair)

PowerPoint Slides



Structured ConversationPresenter(s)Additional Resources
Outcomes-based Student Affairs Assessment: Preparing for Accreditation: A Panel Discussion 

Dr. Gavin Henning at New England College             Dr. Joann Prosser at Univeristy of Maryland           Dr. Jodi Fisler at State Council of Higher Education for Virgina                                                         Dr. Karen Solomon at Higher Learning Commission

PowerPoint Slides
Behind the Scenes: Using Excel to Visualize DataRebecca Goldstein, Associate Director for Assessment and Research in Student Affairs at Florida Atlantic University

PowerPoint SlidesPractice dataset (Not real data)

YouTube walkthroughs:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Launching and Building a Career in Student Affairs Assessment

Dr. Michael Christakis from University at Albany Joe Levy from University of Phoenix                 Ciji Heiser from UNC Chapel Hill                     Whitney Brown from Univ. of Alaska Anchorage

PowerPoint Slides
Scholarship in Student Affairs Assessment: Publishing our Good WorkDaniel Newhart, Ph.D from Oregon State University and Larry Roper, Ph.D. from Oregon State UniversityPowerPoint Slides

Using Data to Make Decisions about Student Services 

Larry Long, M.A. from Michigan State University

Sample Codes, PowerPoint slides, Relevant Websites/Resources
Learning Analytics, Big Data and their Relationship to Student AffairsMatthew D. Pistilli, PhD. from IUPUI

PowerPoint Slides, Analytics Readings: Introductory Reading List, The Learning Analytics Readiness Instrument, 7 Things you Should Know about Analytics, The Pulse of Learning Analytics, Analytics in Learning Education, UNESCO Policy on Learning Analytics, Establishing a Common Language

Building a Culture of Co-Curricular Assessment: Where to StartJoe Levy, M.S. from University of Phoenix PowerPoint Slides
Rubrics and other Direct Measures in Student AffairsStan Dura from Western Governors UniversityPowerPoint Slides



Structured ConversationPresenter(s)Additional Resources

Critical Assessment: Philosophy and Approach

Dr. Sonia DeLuca Fernandez from New York UniversityPowerPoint Slides
Building a Culture of Assessment: Navigating the PoliticsDr. Darby Roberts from Texas A&M University and Leslie Meyerhoff from Cornell UniversityPowerPoint Slides
Looking ahead: Emerging Higher Education Reforms and Student Affairs AssessmentDr. Amber Garrison-Duncan from the Lumina FoundationPowerPoint Slides
Survey Sampling for the Penn State Pulse Program Dr. Adam Christensen from The Pennsylvania State UniversityPowerPoint Slides
Sharing Data and Marketing Results in Student AffairsDr. Michael Christakis from the University of AlbanyNotes
The Evolving Competencies of Student Affairs Assessment ProfessionalsDr. Gavin HenningNotesACPA-NASPA AER Competency
The Power of Data Visualization in Student AffairsEd Cabellon from Bridgewater State UniversityN/A



Structured ConversationPresenter(s)Additional Resources
Learning to Lead While Leading to Learn: An Advising Approach to Capturing Learning in the Co-Curricular Learning Through the Development and Use of RubricsKaty King from Texas A&M University and Matt Starcke from North Carolina State University

PowerPoint Slides                     Student Learning Professional Plan

 Assessing Non-Traditional StudentsMaggie C. Konich from Purdue University, Lisa Endersby, and Jeremy Brown from Western University of Health SciencesPowerPoint Slides
Using Program Reviews as a Productive Assessment ToolMaggie C. Konich from Purdue University and Marylee Demeter from Rutgers UniversityPowerPoint Slides
Using Technology to Collect Evidence of Educational OutcomesStan Dura from The University of OregonPowerPoint Slides
Qualitative Assessment and its Potential Impact on Understanding the Student ExperienceDaniel Newhart, Ph.D. from Oregon State University and Jen Wells from Kennesaw State UniversityPowerPoint Slides



Structured ConversationPresenter(s)Additional Resources

Moving Beyond Surveys

Vicki Wise Ph.D. from Portland State Universiety and Mary Ann Barham from Portland State UniversityPowerPoint Slides
Adapting Assessment Practices for Student LeadersAdam Peck Ph.D. from Stephen F. Austin State University and Amma Marfo from Emmanuel CollegePowerPoint Slides
Mentors in MeasurementLisa Endersby from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Brian Bourke from Louisiana State University, Ann Gansemer-Topf from Iowa State University, and Sarah Luczyk from the University of West FloridaPowerPoint Slides



Structured ConversationPresenter(s)Additional Resources

Building and Maintaining Campus Student Affairs Assessment Teams

Jen Meyers Pickard and Angela Baldsare from the University of ArizonaN/A
MetacognitionStan DuraN/A
AccreditationJodi FisierN/A
A Retention Study in Student AffairsBrenda "B" Woods Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of TechnologyPowerPoint Slides
Program Evaluation in Higher Education Thomas GraysonN/A
SAAL on CAS Standards Laura DeanN/A


Structured ConversationPresenter(s)Additional Resources

Using Social Media for Assessment

Rey JuncoN/A
Strategic Planning in Student Affairs RevisitedAmy Franklin and Jessica OylerN/A



Structured ConversationPresenter(s)Additional Resources

Strategic Planning in Student Affairs

Stacy Akerlind, Evette Castillo, and Amy FranklinN/A
Assessment CommitteesLeslie Meyerhoff, Marne Einerson, and Stephanie BlaisdellN/A
Emerging Issues in Student Affairs AssessmentMarilee BrescianiN/A



Structured ConversationPresenter(s)Additional Resources

Involving Students as Partners in Assessment

Kristen McKinneyN/A